Our Response to COVID-19

As a leader in foam fabrication, Foam Fabricators of MN is uniquely suited to provide vital support in the fight against COVID-19. Personal protective equipment (PPE) has been critical in protecting the nation’s healthcare workers on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic, but these supplies have been running in short supply. To combat the nationwide shortage of face shields, respirators and many other pieces of equipment used by first responders, hospital workers and others in the healthcare field, Foam Fabricators of MN is ramping up its production of the foam products that are essential to the manufacturing of these products.

Foam Fabricators of MN is committed to producing as many foam products as possible in the coming weeks, and to providing services for PPE and medical device manufacturers that are working hard to fulfill the high demand for their products. Foam Fabricators of MN will be directly shipping its foam products to these manufacturers to help them keep their production quantities high and reduce lead times on their production runs.

The next stop for these mission-critical products is the front lines of the battle to contain and defeat COVID-19.

Foam Products Used in the Manufacturing and Shipping of Critical PPE and Medical Devices

  • Protective Face Shields: Foam Fabricators of MN fabricates the polyurethane and expanded polyethylene foam inserts and pads used in these critical protective products. 
  • Personal Protective Equipment: many pieces of PPE used by healthcare workers contain foam elements fabricated by Foam Fabricators of MN. 
  • Respirators: We fabricate foam inserts and end caps used in the OEM packaging of these life-saving devices. 
  • PPE Kitting and Assembly: We will be increasing resources to help PPE manufacturers assemble and kit their products for direct shipping to healthcare workers. 
  • Custom Foam Fabrication: the COVID-19 outbreak has created a high demand for all sorts of PPE and medical devices that are normally not shipping in high quantities. We are working to create custom designed foam products used in the manufacturing and shipping of these products. 

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When it comes to health care applications, your material’s performance is critical. At Foam Fabricators of MN, we combine our extensive design and engineering expertise with specialized foams to meet your precise needs. As a full service company, We have the capabilities to take your project from a concept to a completed and packaged product. We also offer extremely fast prototyping, pricing and turn around for production runs.


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